Design, Create & Manage Your On Demand Products with the Workflow Platform Catalog Module

The leading solution for the management of on demand textile products

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What Does the KornitX Catalog Module Offer?

Product Manager

Your on demand product catalogue for printed,
personalizable and virtual stock products.

Product Manager gives you complete
control over your products.

Product Designer

Easy to use product designer where you
can create you own products from blanks.

This powerful product designer gives you the tools to
create a limitless range of products to sell online.

Product Approvals

For larger organizations that need a formal product approval
mechanism before releasing to their product catalog.

Reduces admin time wastage, costs and
speeds up the entire process. 

Product Onboarding

For larger organizations that have multiple stakeholders
involved in the new product creation process.

Also has the advantages of reducing admin time,
costs and speeds up the entire process.

Proof Manager

For B2B customers that create new, one off
products for their customers and want an
electronic sign off process to add to their workflow.

Increases efficiency and removes the hassle
from the proofing process.

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