According to The Guardian, sales of board games and jigsaw puzzles climbed by 240% in the UK in the first week of lockdown alone.

It’s fair to say that people are making the most of their new-found free time with people turning to all sorts of board games to help unite the family while self-isolating. Here’s our list of jigsaws available in the Virtual Product Warehouse that are sure to make time fly.

Jigsaw Puzzles 1
  1. Jigsaw Puzzle – Photo Upload – 30 Piece

Our 30 piece jigsaw is a fun puzzle for all ages. Why not hide surprise messages or print a favorite photo memory on the wooden pieces. These are the perfect gifts for families with young children, with a smaller piece-count. The jigsaw is finished with a high gloss to optimise the colour vibrancy and protect the print, perfect for playing with or framing. 

2. Jigsaw Puzzle – Football Club Sign – 30 Piece

Our personalised football clubs street sign jigsaws are a fabulous present for any football fan and are approved and fully licensed. We merge your chosen name onto the jigsaw along with the famous street sign that any fan will know. A great gift that any fan would be proud to own. Printed onto a high quality MDF jigsaw and presented in a clear casing. Can also be framed for home decor.

Football Club Jigsaw Puzzles
Photo Upload Jigsaw Puzzles

3. Where’s Doggy 1000 Piece Photo Jigsaw

What better gift to give a friend or loved one during this difficult time than a jigsaw of a photo that means something special to them. Our 1000 piece photo puzzle lets you do just that. The 1000 piece jigsaw is our best selling photo puzzle and guarantees hours of fun and intrigue as the pieces come together to recreate that special image. The image you choose is your choice, making it the perfect unique gift for those that love puzzles.

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