We thought it might be useful to explain how easy it is to start using barcodes to manage your personalised products workflow and why we think they are so useful. Detailed below is an overview of what they can be used for and details of how you can implement for as little as £30

In simple terms by using barcodes you speed up order processing, reduce the potential for errors and are able to introduce better order tracking

Top Applications for Barcodes in Gateway OMS

  • Scan on Job Sheet to Confirm Order Despatch
  • Scan on Picking Label to Get Artwork Details
  • Scan to Download Artwork for Direct Print or Hot Folder
  • Scan to Confirm Job has Passed QC
  • Scan to Bulk Action Batch Related Tasks
  • Scan to Update Production Status or Print Job Sheet

Sometimes people think it costs a lot to implement a bar code driven workflow but for most companies it is just the cost of purchasing a few barcode scanners and some labels. Detailed is example scanner which we purchased from Amazon that will do the job and costs just £30.

Barcode scanners will plug directly into the USB slot on almost any PC, MAC or Chrome O/S and work just the same as a keyboard – when you scan they will populate the text field where the cursor is located. They can also be programmed to add key strokes such as enter

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