If you are looking for a fully managed kiosk solution then we can provide the following hardware options that will come preconfigured with our kiosk management and POS Smartlinks installed ready to start taking orders. Built to very high standards using specialist components they are designed to be always on (unlike a normal business PCs) and able to support both instore or dropship fulfilment business models

Optional Extras

Both the Landscape & Portrait kiosks can have the following optional extras built into the kiosk body for a totally integrated solution:

Touchscreen Kiosk Package Includes

  • PC / Browser Lockdown & KornitX KMS (Kiosk Management Software)

  • Choice of SmartLink Kiosk App / POS Link

  • Access to KornitX Platform for Fulfilment or Dropship Management

  • Remote Access Software for support & updates included platform


Kiosk Requirements

  • Existing KornitX Platform Subscription

  • Power Socket & Good Location

  • Wireless Internet Connection

  • Suitable Payment Method – Till or Online Gateway

  • Check If You Need Receipt Printer