June 2021 Platform Updates

New Shipping Integrations: GLS Spain and DHL US

We have expanded our GLS Italy and DHL integrations to add support for GLS Spain and DHL US. This expands where these integrations can be used and allow even more shipper options to fulfillers in these regions.


New Shipping Integration: Amazon

We have integrated directly with Amazon’s shipping services so that fulfillers using this service can book in consignments and print off labels directly from the platform. This is an important feature for fulfillers wanting to harness the increased conversion on Amazon that Prime shipping adds.

Amazon Shipping Integration

Shopify App: Support for Multiple Images

We have again enhanced our Shopify app allowing it to publish product thumbnails for multi-sided products. As one example, this allows garments such as t-shirts with a front and back print to have both images visible. The platform will only publish thumbnails of areas that have been populated so if you only add a design to the front, only that image will be used.

Shopify App Updates