One of the key benefits of our software is the fact that it creates print ready artwork as well as realistic on screen previews. The artwork production process can be fairly server intensive because it involves the manipulation of images to suit different production requirements and it all happens behind the scenes.

Being cloud based another one of the key benefits of our systems is that they are not limited to a single server to process artwork – recently we have introduced the ability to auto requisition a new server once the queue for artwork production gets too long – this means we can cope with the peak demand at Christmas, Valentines Day & Mothers Day etc

As a general rule we deliver production ready artwork within 15 minutes of an order being placed and with our new on demand artwork servers we can make sure this happens no matter how many orders are being placed – for example at one stage in the Christmas period we had 20 artwork servers working – whilst on a normal day perhaps only 1 or 2 . This gives us a big advantage over traditional server based artwork generation as not many companies will invest in 20 servers for the 10 times a year they may need them