A key area of Gateway’s culture is explaining all the different options available within our software for product configuration and introducing new features as we develop them.

Understanding product configuration, what a configurator is and what is available in both Live and No Preview Products to demonstrate different product options allows you to think about your product lines in a different way. You can display and advertise products in a unique format that without our software, that would not have otherwise been possible.

Within the personalisation app there are numerous product types and standard features for product configurators:

  1. Change texture and colour
  2. Visualising parts and component options
  3. Dynamic galleries of materials and images
  4. Image upload from social media, QR codes, dropbox and desktop (within a configurable product)
  5. Text personalisation areas (within a configurable product)
  6. Dynamic or Tiered pricing (available on all product types)
  7. Colour options so you don’t have to create multiple products for different colour options for the same product

Our dynamic categories creation tool allows you to create personalised characters and animals, as well as any physical item you can graphically design.

Using multiple image areas, within the product view, your graphics can populate each personalisation area and subsequently populate other views, for example, pages in a book.

To see product configurators in action, you can visit our Product Personalisation Apps demo site.