Dynamic Designs

Dynamic Designs (also called template within a template) are a great new feature to enable you to re-use a pre-design or personalisable design on a wide range of different products without needing to set up a unique product for each combination. A product can be set up with a range of dynamic designs to be selected – the only key criteria is that they must have the same sized print area

Here is a simple example


If you already have the skills to set up templates in the Custom Product Platform (CPP) then creating a Dynamic Design is easy

1. First set up a Dynamic Design as a very simple shape the same aspect ration of the print area

2. Then add a Dynamic Design Category to a Product

3. Then if you want introduce a Product Selector as well

Hopefully you are now as excited as we are about the potential applications for this new feature – for both B2C & B2B applications you can set up your own template galleries for use on hundreds of products – and even better they are really easy to create and re-use

For a more in-depth technical overview of setting up and using Dynamic Designs visit our Konwledgebase 


Watch our Launch Video

Click on the link opposite to view to watch the Dynamic Design launch webinar to find out more about how they work and what the business application for them are