Intelligent order routing is an essential stage in getting your on-demand apparel and products fulfilled. When used effectively, it can save both time and money for administration, transport and production, meaning you are less reliant on hiring labor, along with being ultra-sustainable.

Combine this with a specialist network of approved fulfillers, you can quickly and easily increase the number of product ranges you release, and ultimately the number of sales you make – what’s not to love?

Not only can you soon reduce the admin for suppliers and enable hassle-free onboarding of new suppliers, with a global network of approved fulfillers, you get instant access to specialists who are experts in the on-demand space. Ultimately, these can help increase your brand’s product range and reduce the likelihood of issues at quality control.

If that wasn’t enough, we have a plethora of helpful and easy to add ‘Import & Workflow’ integrations, which can further slash the need for manual processes, vital when dealing with thousands of transactions in a matter of minutes. The integrations include Zapier, Clarity and PeopleVox, enabling you to better enable on-demand.

With this you can better manage your stock and warehouse systems, along with accounting and finance, too, making your workflow constantly more efficient.

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Five Steps for Embracing On-Demand

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Watch Andrew Talbot, General Manager for Custom Gateway, part of Kornit Digital present our live-show and Q&A that shares the 5 essential steps to embracing On-Demand for apparel and soft-line products production.

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  • How many major retailers have successfully launched an On-Demand range
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