Gateway OMS is integrated with many different retailers & marketplaces who want to sell personalised, customised or on demand products. Some retailers may use our Personalisation Apps, others may have their own technology, or they may just collect text or sell print on demand products. All of these options are supported by our retailer integrations, so that suppliers can handle orders for personalised products from retailers without creating extra admin or processes.

Retailers APIs

Gateway OMS is already connected to many retailers APIs. When required retailers also use the Gateway API to add orders

Technical Specifications

Different retailers have different strategies when it comes to system integrations so we we have developed a flexible approach. We can either enable retailers to use the OMS API or we can use their API whatever is the best fit for the retailer. Detailed below are the current retailers integrated with our platform

API Technical Docs

Retailer CSVs

Many Retailers do not have an API for dropship orders so we have developed an import tool to work with their CSV formats

Technical Details

Detailed below are the current retailers that are integrated with Gateway OMS either by using APIs or CSV Imports. As detailed further down the page we also have a generic CSV importer that can be used for retailers not currently supported and wanting to use CSV files


We have integrated with the most popular marketplaces so there is no additional admin when managing orders in Gateway OMS

Detailed below are the main marketplaces we currently integrate directly with

Different marketplaces work in different ways so we have developed solutions to make it easier to sell personalised and on demand products on these very popular channels

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Key Benefits of Retailer Integrations

  • Orders go direct to your production facility from the retailer

  • Retailers prefer suppliers who already know how to connect to their systems

  • Less admin work for your team, as it is easy to generate invoices & reports

  • Easier to onboard new products or designs
  • No development work required by retailer, meaning products can be listed faster

  • Many retailers now use our preview software, which is proven to increase conversion rates

Retailer Integrations Available

Marketplaces Supported

Other Order Import Options

As well as the Retailer & Marketplace integrations detailed above, we have a range of tools to enable the easy addition of orders to Gateway OMS from almost any other system:


Retailer Updates