Production Integrations are an easy way to integrate with printers, print servers and other decoration machines direct from the jobs screen in Gateway OMS, helping reduce the number of clicks it takes to print an order. Detailed below are the main types of integration currently available:

Web Service

Connect to Any Printer with a Web Service

What Are Web Services?

If your printer has a modern web service then we will be able to connect directly to it with a production integration and start printing directly from the jobs screen in Gateway OMS or a Scan Point

Hot Folder

Download to Virtual Folders or Amazon S3

What Printers Use Hot Folders

Almost all printers that come with their own proprietary RIP software can retrieve jobs from a hot folder and most can start auto printing. We can provide a Virtual Hot Folder to make this process seamless via a Production Integration

Print Server

Auto Send to Specialist Print Servers

What Printers Are Supported?

If your printer has a windows driver then it can easily connected to our local print server that communicates directly with our productions integrations and can start your printer either automatically or when a a barcode is scanned

Connected Applications

These are just a selection of the current application already connected via our production integrations – please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want a custom integration or to understand how you can harness a production integration.

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