Despatch Ticket

When you are the business of creating one off products it is essential that the production process is both fast and easy so the concept of a despatch note that doubles as an address label is really useful

We have now integrated this technology into our Print Manager and Order Manager systems so that an integrated label can be auto generated along with the print ready artwork for each job making it really easy to print and despatch your jobs

Not only does our system enable printers to create their own despatch labels but it also generates labels for outsourced or dropship suppliers so that every delivery from your company has the same branded labels

Our integrated labels also incorporate some other essential features

  • Postage Paid Label so no need to add a stamp
  • Product Image for easy order identification
  • Returns label information
  • Address Label to peel off
  • Optional barcode labels to speed up fulfilment

So if your company is looking for an integrated system for managing the delivery of lots of small orders then check out what we have to offer with our PRINT-iT Workflow Management Systems