Who said shipping products had to be a headache?

When dealing with thousands of different dispatch locations, it’s vital to have a seamless and secure connection with multiple carriers, who are able to source the best shipping rates for every order. With this, you can reduce fulfillment costs and increase your profits.

With a large number of integrations with couriers like those seen below, these enable you to get your products to your customers fast, and when producing your products on-demand, this is essential in giving your customers the ultimate experience of immediate self-gratification. We also have a number of notification integrations which can be used as part of your system, allowing push-notifications to be sent when confirming and order has been placed, shipped and dispatched.

Not only this, but ensuring you have effective label printing embedded into your workflow is a necessity when it comes to on-demand. This way, you can:

  • Print retailer branding on different labels
  • Generate the carrier label in advance of dispatch
  • Collect tracking IDs and get order delivery status updates
  • Update order statuses based on carrier activity & updates
  • Create a manifest if requested by carrier

And last but not least, in a modern world where shipping to the customers address isn’t always the most effective solution, Click & Collect is a simple alternative that is easy to enable. Here you can harness in-store printing and fulfilment using specially crafted kiosks.

These are just a few of the exciting ways in which you can embrace on-demand as a retailer, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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Five Steps for Embracing On-Demand

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Watch Andrew Talbot, General Manager for Custom Gateway, part of Kornit Digital present our live-show and Q&A that shares the 5 essential steps to embracing On-Demand for apparel and soft-line products production.

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  • How many major retailers have successfully launched an On-Demand range
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