When it gets closer to Christmas everybody involved in Mass Customisation is looking for ways to increase productivity – so when our new content team at Personalised Football Gifts asked us for some ideas we had several options for them to increase through put this Christmas – all standard features in our Order Management System (OMS)

  1. Auto Batch Artwork to Templates – artwork created online is collected then auto printed on a batch template once 24 orders received – meaning they can be printed on the wide format printer without an manual processing
  2. Auto Flip Artwork -artwork has to be flipped to create a sublimation transfer so we do this automatically again avoiding any manual processes
  3. Auto Download to Hot Folder – all batch templates auto download to a hot folder every hour that can be synched with your printer
  4. Barcode Scan to Despatch – barcodes are on batch templates and job sheets so when jobs completed they can either be scanned one at a time or a single scan to despatch 24 items
  5. Create Carrier Labels – these can be auto printed as scanned, bulk printed in advance or even auto generated as you poass to the carrier system

With all these extra options it is anticipated that production capacity will be doubled

Here is an example Batch Template – where 24 Mug Transfers were printed at once