As part of our Order Management System portfolio we offer a hosted hot folder service delivered either as a traditional file server accessed via FTP or on Amazon S3. This is an optional extra and costs £30 per month. Detailed below is an overview of the functionality and potential applications

Detailed below is an overview of the configuration options available

  1. Sub folders can be set up by either production type or for a specific day
  2. If using day a dated sub folder is created each day
  3. Folders can either be on our FTP server or stored on Amazon S3  
  4. If using production type you can set up categories for each type of production and allocate them to the products
  5. As orders arrive artwork / batch templates & PDF delivery notes are downloaded into the hot folders
  6. Each day a spreadsheet / csv file is generated for all orders downloaded that day
  7. Folder contents can then be transferred (either automatically or manually) to your local server / machine hot folders 
  8. Auto download can also happen by using an  FTP folder you manage / host (and mapped on your local network)
  9. You can still use features like scan to dispatch as artwork, delivery tickets and batch templates can all feature a barcode
  10. Alternatively you can also upload the modified csv file created to another folder to Confirm Despatch

Please Note – the Hot Folder option is also available as part of our Generic Supplier XML Integration so that images are downloaded for you rather than you needing to retrieve them from http links

Main Applications for Hot Folders

  • Ideal for high volume production as all artwork auto downloaded to a nominated folder
  • Hot folders can be auto synched with post printer / RIP software
  • Artwork, Production Sheets & Despatch Labels can all be automated
  • Artwork includes barcodes so jobs can be scanned in OMS for workflow management

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