If you have a bit of wicked sense of humour then you may well already be a fan of Scribbler Cards so we were really excited to get the chance to work on the personalisation options for their new website scribbler.com

As well as the really humorous cards the site offers a few different flavours of personaliation and everything is printed on demand on an HP Indigo for same day dispatch. Works really well on mobile and desktop as people are buying more cards on mobiles now days

Personalisation Options

  • Choose what size card – we automatically generate different sized artwork dependant on user choice
  • No Other Personalisation just buy the card blank
  • Scribble Inside – choose your layout inside the card and add your own text and images
  • Choose which pages to personalise and whether to upload your own handwriting
  • Personalise the Front too – add names, photos and text to the design on the front of the card
  • Combine all 3 options on the same card