There are many ways companies can benefit from adopting a User Generated Content Business Model and the short video below explains a little bit more about what UGC is and how our platform makes this easier to implement.

How It All Works

  • Add The Virtual Product Creator to Your Existing Website or Sign Up for our Off the Shelf User Generated Content Portal Website

  • Users Can Now Create Products on Your Website from Your Selected Blank Products 

  • Once Product Created They Can Either be Purchased, Downloaded or Submitted for Approval to Sell on Your Website

  • Once Products have been approved in Gateway CPP they will then auto publish on your website

  • When Products ordered they are produced by your selected suppliers and sent direct to the customer – depended on chosen sales channel content owners can either be the seller or just the designer

  • Created products can also be downloaded from your Gateway CPP to be sold on other marketplaces like Amazon too

  • All sales are visible in the Gateway CPP Free Dashboard for product creators so they can see their commission if they are not managing fulfilment

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Useful Tools for a User Generated Content Strategy

Our platform makes the investment required to create a user generated content portal affordable for everyone. The tools highlighted below are the main features you will need to get started:

Example Websites Harnessing User Generated Content