A question we often get asked is “Why does our business offer content or virtual products as well as software?” so we thought it was worth a blog post to share our thought process and introduce you to our virtual product warehouse

The answer is pretty simple – we see our job is to help companies sell more personalised and on demand products – this not only means providing a software platform that makes this easier but also providing content that we know will sell

This strategy also means that

  • We create business for members of our approved supplier network – we are not manufacturers we help help create business for our customers that are the best in class
  • We provide content for our retail partners that we know sells – meaning less cost to create products
  • We can provide access to licensed content licenses at an affordable price
  • These relationships also mean we can always find a connected supplier when a retailer is looking for a new product

Take a look at the presentation below to find out more about what licensed content we have available


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