We understand that when it comes to websites different options will suit different people so we have put together a range of sites, plugins and services that are integrated with our software platforms

Platform Details Monthly Cost Set Up Cost More Details
Gateway Sites Fixed Magento 2 templates optimised for on demand products and ideal for trade portals, white label creation master sites and virtual product creation portals. Set up includes our Smartlink Personalisation App and CPP Auto Import modules for product management from Gateway CPP. Monthly price assumes you have a Gateway CPP license and includes managed hosting and support £99 per month £1000 One Off See Templates
Shopblocks Create an entirely custom shop designfor selling any on demand products without the need for website themes and templates or designers. Use the unique Blocklab system with FREE Custom Gateway plugin to add products from CPP and enable them to be customised or ordered online. Price includes setup and there is no need for a separate CPP license unless you want to create your own products. Onboarding, Support & Hosting included in the monthly fee £59.00
per month
£300 One Off Organise a Demo
Shopify Build your own Shopify site and get our Shopify extension added for you to enable you to sell personalised and on demand products. Products can be uploaded from Gateway CPP Standard Shopify Terms £570 2 Weeks
WooCommerce A more bespoke approach let our WooCommerce partner build your custom website in WooCommerce. They will install and configure both a Smartlink Personalisation App plugin and an automated product import routine from Gateway CPP. You can either host the site yourself or they will arrnage hosting for you Price on Application from £3000 2 Months
Magento We have a network of experienced Magento developers who have worked with our technology and can build you a bespoke website in Magento Price on Application from £5000 3 Months

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