For many years now Gateway OMS has been processing thousands of orders a day for personalised and on demand products either creating the artwork and managing the full production process or routing the orders/artwork to other systems.

This has given us lots of experience in managing large volumes of small order (not what most production systems were designed for) and for the last 12 months we have been working hard to update the engine behind all of these orders, our Gateway OMS.

We are now delighted to announce that OMS V2 is now available for beta testing and will be rolled out over the next 3 months to replace V1 – everything you love about V1 is still there but the system is packed with new features

Detailed below is an overview of some of the highlights or you can view the presentation at the bottom of this blog for a more indepth look

  1. Clean modern more intuitive Interface
  2. Faster tab based navigation & updated searches
  3. Easier to view and understand icons for useful information
  4. Streamlined workflow to help reduce production times
  5. Useful real time dashboard to help you manage your business
  6. Easier to use bulk actions for orders & batches
  7. Can manage orders direct from the screen or via scanned barcodes (or a combination of)
  8. More scanning options to cope with batch status, automated artwork download and user identification
  9. Cloud Print integration for faster more intelligent printing
  10. Fixed headers when you scroll, direct access via icons and new bulk actions all help speed up the production process

Watch a Short Webinar on the New Features