As our Instore POS Smartlinks are web based, they can just be used on any device with a web browser and internet connection. However, this does not really provide a professional, robust and secure kiosk experience, so we have developed Gateway KMS to provide the extra control and features needed. Detailed below is a simple overview of the base functionality and explanation of why Gateway KMS is an essential component for Instore Personalisation:

Gateway Key Business Benefits

  • Update all marketing content centrally to improve relevance and conversion rates of the kiosk

  • Monitor and compare individual site to identify and resolve problem locations

  • Eliminate kiosk downtime which affects your sales

  • Remote management of kiosk issues, so onsite staff do not have to waste time with technical issues

  • Web Sockets, Sensors & Triggers enable you to create a really engaging experience

  • Ensures your kiosk is secure and people can not use it for other purposes

Functionality Overview



The Gateway KMS Dashboard enables you to monitor and control your digital signage, kiosks & Point of Sale displays. It gives you an at a glance view of your kiosk estate and their current status with notification and shortcuts to the most common tasks.



Monitor all your kiosks and get alert if they have any problems. Includes automated repair tools and diagnostics.


Signage & Attract Loops

Upload any content to act as an extract loop – you can push to all kiosks or manage individually.


Remote Management

Remote access to every kiosk in your network, combined with powerful analytics so you can see how times it is used

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