Gateway Designer & Proof Manager (DPM) Explained

Custom Gateway presents the world’s easiest to use product design & proofing tool made specifically for creators of any skill level.

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A Short Summary:

Your answer to quick and easy product design, proof, publishing and printing. It makes the creation of personalized and made-on-demand products incredibly simple, meaning it can be used by product creators with little to no design experience.

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Why Choose Gateway DPM?

Gateway DPM is perfect if you are:

  • A B2B Distributor/Supplier wanting to simplify your ordering process by adopting made-on-demand technology.

  • A smaller print-shop/freelance designer who is looking to design and print your own products.

  • A brand/retailer looking to design your own made-on-demand products.

What Makes Gateway DPM So Simple?

The process of using Gateway DPM couldn’t be easier

Once You Have Designed A Product, You Can:

The Power of Proof Manager

Proof Manager is a revolutionary element to Gateway DPM, as it allows you to create electronic proof links for your customers to approve and sign-off a chosen product in a matter of seconds. It becomes incredibly easy to track the progress of the proof, edit a product and resend it for second approval. Once it has been approved, it can be converted automatically into an order where the artwork is generated in preparation for printing.

Customers can add comments and feedback as to why a product has been rejected and the proofing stage, making it an incredibly intuitive tool for the designer to make relevant amendments.

Man Proofing a Product in Gateway DPM

A Seamless Integration

Gateway DPM really is the stepping point into our other platforms, Gateway Custom Product Platform (CPP) and Gateway Order Management System (OMS). With this seamless integration, the three platforms work in harmony together in the following ways:

  • You can use product blanks from leading suppliers in CPP in DPM
  • All products that you create in DPM can be managed in CPP
  • You can add all your products, created in DPM, to the Virtual Product Warehouse (VPW) our established B2B marketplace.
  • CPP and DPM can share the same digital assets.
  • Your approved product proofs can be converted into orders.
  • You can then print the products yourself or use the OMS Supplier Network
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