Custom Gateway’s Custom Product Platform offers a vast array of different ways in which you can present products and their various configuration options directly within your website.  Your choice of options can be influenced by stock, product type, production methods or presentation options.

No Preview products is the quickest way of introducing personalised products to your site.

No Preview

  1. Attributes – drop down menu for all attribute types such as size, packaging type etc
  2. Colours – choice from a text list of colours
  3. No dynamic pricing available – works on a fixed price
  4. Tiered prices available – on the base product only

To successfully sell personalised products online you need to find a method to avoid providing a proof for individual item orders.  As soon as one person has to ‘touch’ an order, it rapidly reduces the profit of each order, so there is a minimum requirement of data you need to capture with the order to profitably produce the product. 

Custom Gateway allows your client to personalise a product online, and delivers you print ready artwork straight into your workflow, without any interference, maintaining your margin and overall profit.

Our No Preview apps can look very similar to the our many Live Preview apps we offer from our standard product personalisation apps. The client is able to see an image of the product, and personalise fields as usual, however the text is not inserted directly onto the product. All attributes will still be passed directly into our Order Manager on receipt of payment directly within your website.

Every order received will either be routed directly into your workflow if you are completing production in house, or directly to a supplier within our Drop Ship network, who will print and dispatch on your behalf, depending on where the product is linked to in CPP.

Recent research by a leading supplier of personalised products has demonstrated that by adding an onscreen preview sales of personalised products will increase by up to 60%. However, for speed of set up, No Preview Products is the way to go.