Whenever we look at the general eCommerce statistics for abandoned carts we are always surprised how high they are – the good news is that on average with personalise products the figure is generally quite a lot lower – we think this mainly down to the fact that after adding all their details to a product people are less likely to abandon the sale

Within our Gateway OMS system we have a really useful report called “Conversion Rates” which helps you understand how many people start customising a product but do not check out – on average this is around 50% rather than the 75% quoted in the figures below

As more and more people use their mobiles to browse sites it is pretty clear that abandoned cart rates will continue to increase – so it is critical that all the key factors listed below are considered when creating your customisable products configurator

When working with personalised products you probably need to add a couple of extra reasons why people abandon cart to the above list

  • Lack of preview – people normally want to see what they are buying
  • Configurator too complex to use – many on screen configurators are just too complex
  • Preview does not work on mobile – tools have to work on mobile or abandoned cart rates will increase further
  • Lack of help tools – as the products are more complex people often need more help to create them

That said still important you deal with the traditional issues too

Most websites packages now offer some standard tools for identifying abandoned carts so it is important that you build a strategy to deal with them – normally an automated email

At 75% cancelation it is pretty easy to see why whatever product you are selling converting your abandoned carts into orders is a critical part of your success

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