July 24th Is Just Round The Corner, We’ve Got Your Face Mask Needs Covered.

Wearing protective face masks have become compulsory for shoppers in England, following Scotland and many European countries. Whether you want to add retail-ready personalised and print-on-demand face masks to your eCommerce site or store, or would prefer to design your own from blank products, the choices are endless, but the time to act is now.

Retail-Ready Predesigned Face Masks

These are predesigned personalised face-masks and snoods that can be added to your store immediately from our Virtual Product Warehouse. Featuring hundreds of different designs, from approved suppliers like LSi, L&S and Content Gateway, you can be assured of high-quality every time.


Comfy snoods, perfect to wear regularly around the neck & over your face when required.

Football Masks

Personalised, perfect for football fans, with designs from Blackburn Rovers, Leeds United and more!

Fun Face Masks

From LSi come a huge array or retail-ready designs, available to be personalised today.

All of these retail-ready products, and many more, are available to add to your store now, and due to their ever-increasing popularity, are an essential asset to any product line.


Design Your Own Face Masks

If you’d prefer to create your own designs from scratch, you can use our brand new Design and Proof Manager (Gateway DPM) and vast selection of blank products from suppliers in our network, including L&S & Paul Bristow, to craft your own and sell them on your store.

L&S Blank Snood

Perfect to add your own designs to, these are comfy snoods that act as a source control mask.

Paul Bristow Blank Mask

For those who prefer a mask, these make a great blank canvas to add your designs to.

L&S Face Mask

From L&S, these are another versatile blank mask, ideal for your own designs.

Blank products are the perfect starting point if you’re looking to add your own designs, such as corporate logos or funky patterns, and get them on your site quickly. These are a necessity in everyday life and will make a valuable asset to your store.