How do you ensure your products display on websites in the best possible way for all of the colour combinations that are available in?

The Custom Product Platform allows users to create realistic products visuals for selling Personalised and On Demand products so it is vitally important that the method to create the visuals is simple to use and effective.

Two main methods are available:

Colour changes can be achieved by simply adding a colour value to the template as the product is being set up and this gives the customer designing the product a simple colour palette to pick from to change the product colour.  These can be set to match exactly to the colour the products are available in and unlimited colour options can be added.

The other option gives the user exactly the same user experience with a colour palette but the action actually replaces the photograph of the product.  Certain products can be visualised better in their different colour combinations by using individual product shots for each colour and this may be due to the material the product is made from.  This may be fabric, ceramic, metal etc.

The important point is that from a product set up print of view you have complete flexibility and methods available to display your products in ways that best reflects the quality of the product, so ultimately the buyer feel confident in the products they are buying.  If you are a supplier to other eCommerce retailers this is so important so the retailer also feels confident your products will generate them sales.

The CPP has all of the tools you need to make sure you products reflect their true quality while giving the buyer the ability to personalise them and see a true reflection of how they will be produced.


Good quality product templates with live personalisation previews really do increase conversion ratios!