Customisable Products are a blank canvas and enable the end user to create a completely custom / bespoke product using their own content.

Personalised or pre-designed products are when you add a design to the print area on a customised product and an element of that design can be personalised by adding an image or text.

There is another type of personalised product that enables you to provide the end user with a selection of logos or images to use in creating their personalised product instead of uploading a single design. You can upload unlimited galleries for use with specific products or whole product ranges in Custom Gateway’s CPP.

Print on Demand products are when you add a fixed design or image to the print area on a personalised product. They are a great way to sell a wider range of products without increasing your stock. They are popular with artists and designers and are currently the best selling type of customisable product.

Configurable Products are products that can be made to order from a series of components, colours or parts. They are very popular in the clothing industry in particular. Custom Gateway’s CPP currently offers 2 main types of customisable product.

The starting point for personalised or on demand products is to set your products up in our cloud based product management system Gateway CPP and then to use our Product Personalisation Apps to publish the product on your website however we understand that this model does not work for every way of selling these type of products so have developed a few additional ways of processing orders in Custom Gateway’s Order Management System.