We are always on the look out for partners & strategic alliances who offer value added services so we can help deliver total solutions to the on demand world. Detailed below are the main types of partners we work with

Referral Partners

Earn a finders fee & on going commissions on services purchased by recommending our services to your customers

Our Referral Partner Programme

Our referral programme includes affiliates, refers & sales agents who all earn by recommending or selling our services but then pass the customers to us to manage support and invoicing

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Value Added Resellers

Resell our platform and services to your customers to provide a full solution and get a discount from our published prices

Reseller Programme

Resellers either manage a specific regional sales territory or a specialist vertical marketplace.  They will always have some connection with on demand products either by offering a related service or product


Machine & Equipment Manufacturer

Manufacturers of equipment used for on demand production partner with us so we can develop integrated solution for our mutial customer base

Our Equipment Partner Programme

To provide the total solution for our customers we always partner with best in class equipment manufacturers who are focussed on the on demand business model

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Network Partners

Are companies involved in the on demand business process that can provide solution for customers by harnessing the power of our platform

Types of Network Partner

Our Network Partners are usually other Software Platforms that have integrations to our platform, blank product suppliers or specialist consultants

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Who is our Partner Programme for?

Detailed below is a list of the usual type of companies who become Custom Gateway Partners. The partnership is either as a referral partner or a reseller partner as explained at the top of the page

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Interested in becoming a Value Added Reseller?

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Value Added Reseller Types

Key Benefits for Resellers & Affiliates

  • Lucrative additional income stream for introductions or sales – you can earn up to 50% commission

  • Your own user access to all our platforms – Gateway CPP & OMS for demos

  • Enhanced customer service by helping deliver a full solution for your customers

  • Additional lead generation opportunities from Custom Gateway marketing help introduce you to new potential customers

  • Improved industry on demand knowledge and personal development helps you and your team become opinion leaders

  • Full access to specialist on demand networks of related services like products, designs & suppliers

  • FREE access to the full range of eLearning courses available at the Gateway Academy for all your team

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