If you google Web2Print Software then you get more than 60,000 responses so we thought we needed to make more effort to explain what makes our software platform different – the infographic below hopefully explains the differences – that said we are always happy to debate this in more detail as we are passionate about personalisation 

Most web2print software packages originated from the world of office stationery and do a great job allowing you to customise business cards & stationery online. This market is pretty mature now and companies do a really good job allowing people to purchase online

Where Custom Gateway started from is the retail market where users had different demands and our business has evolved into become a platform & network for on demand customisation with a pick and mix approach to what services will help our customers sell more personalised and on demand products

We hope our infographic helps explain our core differentiators when being compared to other web2print packages but thought it might help to give a few extra bits of information

  • We want to be able customise any product – challenge us if we cannot do it off the shelf then we will write something new
  • We work with the leading printer manufacturers so we can support all the different artwork types & machines from print to embroidery to engraving
  • We moved into supporting the print on demand business model several years ago and more recently we have started supporting just “on demand” as well – no personalisation or printing just using stock in other peoples warehouses
  • We are like a dating agency for suppliers & retailers matching best in class and making it easy to work together

We have also put together below a feature overview compared to leading web2print packages to give you a better idea of some of the differences