• Configurable products are products that are made up of either parts, colours or materials
  • Products are usually created from a range of pre-determined options loaded onto a template
  • To sell configurable products online it is essential to have both a preview tool to visualise your product and automatic generation of a parts list for manufacturing
  • It is also important that online users can only ever create product combinations that can actually be produced
  • For configurable products having a simple intuitive user interface for product visualisation is mission critical

Our Tools for Creating Configurable Products

Over the past few years we have spent our time adding features to the Custom Product Platform so that we can cater for almost any requirement your customers might have off the shelf. All configurable products can have all the additional functionality of both customised or personalised as well as the configurable options detailed below

There are lots of different ways that you can display configurable options on your products. How these options are displayed or presented will vary dependant on variables like stock holding, invoicing and artwork generation to find out more please take a look at our Creating Configurable Options page

Common Applications for Configurable Products

The Importance of Automated Pick Lists

Having a great front end configuration tool is only half the story – it is also essential that your website can create either a component pick list, manufacturing instructions or print ready artwork. Fortunately our PERSONALISE-iT App covers all these options. Each order can generate print ready artwork, display a component list and even auto generate component picking lists to help make production faster

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