With An Economy At Tipping Point, Christmas for Retailers & Brands Looks Bleak – But It Doesn’t Have to Be, Thanks to On-Demand.

According to a report done by the Financial Times, the UK’s high-street is estimated to be ‘losing £2 Billion a week in sales’ as consumers choose to divert to eCommerce as the ever-crucial Christmas trading season nears closer. With many non-essential businesses, such as those offering clothing, under pressure to close due to nationwide restrictions, they face a difficult winter where many shoppers are choosing to go to their favourite stores that offer online shopping. 

With an economy that is still 8.2% smaller than it was prior to the pandemic, and with the economic growth slowing again in September, is there a way out of all this?

Closed Businesses

Many retailers, large and small, are turning to a new business model that is disrupting the traditional way of getting products to market. In a year that was nothing short of tumultuous it seems only fair that retailers look to new solutions during these unprecedented times. 

But what is the solution, you might ask? On-Demand. The game-changing way to get your collection to market fast. Whether you’re still operating in-store, or harnessing the power of eCommerce, the on-demand business model is shaking up the way products are created, manufactured and distributed.

In short, it means you sell your products before you print them rather than the traditional print before sell method. This has created a switch from supply and demand, to the new demand and supply. With our end to end workflow, it is possible to launch products and automatically route them to a huge array of globally approved suppliers.

On-Demand for Brands and Retailers

So why should brands and retailers care about on-demand? Here’s why:

Retailers and brands, however, are determined to pull through this crisis. By harnessing such production workflows, reinventing themselves, ready to tackle a new way of producing products for collections. The question is, has COVID-19 simply accelerated the inevitable? Or has it provided an unexpected solution that opens up exciting possibilities for the future of business?

The truth is, while the current economic state of the country might look bleak, if all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail – but by trying new things, unforeseen opportunities can arise. Retailers, your solution is here with on-demand.