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Face masks are an increasingly vital item in everyday life, during the current pandemic. Harness their popularity by selling our range or creating your own today.

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Protective Face Masks Are Here To Stay

The global protective face mask market is expected to surpass $21.2 Billion by 2026 (Apr, 2020)

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How Can I Start Selling Personalisable Face Masks?

Our Virtual Product Warehouse, the world’s largest collection of personalised and on-demand products, allows you to quickly and easily sell personalised face masks from an array of global suppliers.

These products are sure to remain hugely in demand during the current climate, and with such versatile product personalisation capabilities, every customer is sure to be able to create their own unique face mask. By listing these re-useable and unique face masks, you’re playing your part in helping to prevent and slow the spread of the virus.

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Create Your Own Face Masks & Dropship from Our Network

Creating your own face masks from scratch doesn’t have to be difficult. With Gateway CPP, you can create, manage, and publish products specifically made for the creation of personalised, customised and on-demand products. Simply create a new product or import one you’ve already made and add it to your collection. Gateway CPP also enables the automatic generation of print-ready artwork and appropriate automated fulfillment requests, making your life easier during this difficult time. 

These products can then be dropshipped by our ever-expanding range of suppliers, which you can watch more about in the video (see left).

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Personalised & On Demand Face Masks | Protecting The Future

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, Here’s How We Helped May Designs

The Popularity of Protection | May Designs

Using the White Label Websites which we created for supplier, MWW, retailer May Designs was able to add their own custom design face masks to their Shopify store in under an hour, and after a simple share on Instagram, 800 new orders were secured immediately. After this huge success, they decided to switch their current 60,000 existing on-demand orders to our platform to automate workflow and improve the front end user experience.

Gateway CPP’s versatility and efficiency allows retailers and brands like May Designs to continue to be pioneers of on-trend designs and products, such as face masks that are unique to each and every customer.

Don’t miss out – harness the popularity of face masks today.

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