When it comes to popular licensed products then you will be hard pressed to rival the appeal of football – so if you are looking for content to kick start your personalised product sales then we think our range of live preview personalised football products might be of interest.

With as much as 50% margin available and live preview smartlinks on every product we can deliver you a reseller feed on demand. To help you decide the best clubs to feature on your website we have put together a list of the top 20 most supported clubs in England based on last seasons attendances

Although attendances are a good guide into what clubs do sell well there are always a couple of other factors to consider when deciding which ranges to promote

  • Success on the Pitch – clubs winning titles or being promoted always see a boost in sales – Leicester were a great example of this in 2015/2016 when they won the Premiership
  • Club Location – clubs from wealthier areas can often outsell clubs with more fans – Spurs are a great example of this although only 12th in the attendances table they would be a lot higher on merchandise sales
  •  Availability of Official Products – some of the more niche clubs sell better than expected because their products are not as widely distributed on the web and they suffer from a lot of counterfeit product – real fans want official products