When producing, manufacturing and fulfilling print-on-demand products, you want your workflow to be as streamlined and as efficient as possible. One way of doing this is by automating the generation of artwork. This simple solution that we offer, saves print-on-demand suppliers hours, everyday, ultimately helping them reduce labour costs and reduce the overall cost of production.

Where Does Artwork Generation Fit Into The Big Picture?

So, Why Should You Harness This Tool?

Whether creating custom artwork from a user-submitted design, or just making sure that a print file is correctly linked, having the ability to automatically generate artwork is a must for all effective print-on-demand workflows. But why?

  • Even simple manual tweaks take time & increase production costs – automating the process reduces this.
  • Adding barcode functionality into the artwork automation process dramatically streamlines the production and reduces costs.
  • Adding an ‘elastic-server capacity’ eliminates issues experienced at peak times.

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