At a time when maintaining turnover has become more critical than ever, many retailers now need affordable and effective ways to ensure that they can generate sales consistently.

Fortunately, at Custom Gateway, we have a variety of exciting options to help you boost sales through the use of personalized, customized and print on demand products. Here, we will talk you through some of the most popular options available:

  • Virtual Product Warehouse – The Virtual Product Warehouse (VPW) is the world’s largest single collection of personalized and on demand products. Leading suppliers and decorators add their best product lines to VPW for retailers to sell on their websites. There’s no need for you to hold any stock, as all products are dropshipped by our suppliers to your customers. What’s more, VPW is completely free to access and you can sign up for an account immediately here.

  • Shopify – As part of your Virtual Product Warehouse account, you will gain access to our VPW Shopify app, which enables you to list the latest personalized products from huge licences like Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. With the recent introduction of Disney Plus, there’s sure to be a boom in demand for merchandise from these licences. Discover more here.

Solutions to Improve Revenue
Solutions to Improve Revenue
  • Smartlinks – We have developed a unique style of product preview application that enables you to sell from anywhere online, known as Smartlinks. They enable you to create products and sell them on any website, including social media channels. This makes them a quick way for small retailers to engage with their audience or fans. Learn more here.

  • Shopblocks – an affordable, yet powerful hosted eCommerce platform that gives you everything you need to create an online shop. Using their BlockLab website design technology, Shopblocks create entirely custom shop designs without the need for website themes and templates or designers. Discover more here.