Professional Dutch Football Club, AFC Ajax has recently become a pioneer of the on-demand business model by harnessing our in store green-screen and kiosk technology. This has helped them to generate increased revenue and boost overall customer engagement, without significant upfront investment!

AFC Ajax wanted to find a way of making their fans more involved in the experiences they offer such as the stadium tour, giving them something distinctive to take home with them that wasn’t any generic piece of merchandise. This is where Custom Gateway came in.

How Did They Do It?

Well, here’s a quick step by step guide as to how the in store personalisation takes place:

Step 1: AFC Ajax fans get their photograph taken after the stadium tour or inside the official fan shop

Step 2: Photographs are displayed on a large screen and they are superimposed onto Ajax Magazine cover with the magic of our software

Step 3: Fans have the option to purchase their photograph and it is immediately printed in store

Simple as that! Sounds exciting right?

And AFC Ajax aren’t the only ones to harness such technology, Arsenal and Manchester United have also implemented our instore personalisation software to huge success, with kiosks that enable fans to take home unique and exciting merchandise that can’t be found elsewhere.

Want to know more about in-store personalisation and our technology? Why not watch this video from Instore Director Ian Phillipson, who talks a little more about how it all works:

So now it’s up to you, it’s time to harness the power of in store personalisation.

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