Gateway started life as a web development agency in 2009, but when we were first introduced to a prototype spinning 3D mug in 2010, our team were inspired and Gateway 3D was born – 12 months later after some intensive R&D our first personalisation software Easypromo 3D was launched.

Easypromo 3D was intended mainly for the promotional products trade, but we soon got asked whether the technology could be applied to create personalised products online and then deliver print ready artwork – 3 months later in 2011 our first Personalised Products Website went live and we were in the mass customisation business.

The site was a moderate success and we learnt a lot of lessons about what was needed to be in the mass customisation market. Although we will always love spinning 3D products, it became clear that we also needed 2D if our software was to become more widely used.

As the concept of mass customisation continued to gain in popularity, more and more websites around the world started to use our technology making us realise that there was a great opportunity for us to become market leaders – it was time to invest a bit more cash and expand our platform.

In 2012 we expanded our office in Slovakia to help meet the growing demand for product creation, custom interfaces and affordable websites for selling customised products.

After 3 years continuous development by our UK based software architects, 2013 saw the first appearance of our Custom Product Platform and Order Management System. CPP & OMS. Many more software innovations were rolled out during 2014 & 2015, making our platform a really feature rich, out of the box solution for creating and then delivering customisable products of all shapes & sizes.

By 2014 mass customisation had become our passion and everybody in the business was enjoying harnessing printing technology and our software to help customers create new products & websites – our team were re-organised into Creators, Implementers, Organisers and Explainers.

Demand for product personalisation continued to increase globally, so it became clear we needed to invest further and create a wider network of mass customisation evangelists. 2015 saw us open offices in Germany and the US and find new partners in France, Spain and the US.

July 2015 saw us move into our new centre of excellence for mass customisation in Macclesfield and host our first Create Sell Print networking event in Manchester for suppliers, retailers and lovers of personalised products.

Today, we believe we have the most powerful product personalisation platform in the world with more than 800,000 products uploaded and helping suppliers produce in excess of 5000 customised orders per day.