Shopify App

For product suppliers to make it easy for your customers to add your products to their shopify store

White Label Supplier App

This is really designed for suppliers and brands who would like to make it easy for retailers to add their products to their own Shopify stores

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Shopify Feed

For retailers wanting to just sell print on demand products that have been created in Gateway CPP on their shopify store


All you need to do is select the products in your Gateway CPP or Virtual Product Warehouse and use the “Feeds” button to generate a Shopify friendly feed for upload into your store.

Then just let us have your Shopify username and for an additional charge, we can enable auto collection & fulfilment of your paid shopify print on demand orders

Shopify Smartlink Plugin

For retailers wanting to add our smartlink product customiser & live preview app to their shopify store

Add a Customiser to Your Shopify Store

We can provide you with a plugin so you can add our smartlink customisation widget to your shopify store as either a pop up modal window or embedded iframe.

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We work with a number of leading Shopify Development experts to ensure that our smartlink plugins work seamlessly with any Shopify Website – if once installed there are any layout issues or conflicts our experienced team will ensure these are resolved so you can focus on selling products and marketing your store. Click the button above for a self service install of standard products or please get in touch for a custom requirement