Add Virtual Samples to Your Website

Can be added as a button or embedded on the page as an iframe in 2D or 3D

Enable your Staff to Create Samples

Log onto to our cloud based visualiser from anywhere to create samples

Enable Your Customers to Add Virtual Samples to their Websites

Share your sample links with customers so their customers can create samples too

Manage Samples with Sample Manager

Search & review previous samples and even turn them into products, proofs or orders

Send Out Sample Sheets or Quotes

Send out Ideas sheets and review Sample Statistics & Reports

Enable Proof Management

Manage the proof approval process by sending out proof approval links

Detailed Feature Overview

  • Add to any website either as a create sample button or embedded on the page
  • Each product has its own unique URL for embedding
  • Choose style of sample tool to display on your site – can even be modified with CSS
  • Choose order the tabs appear on each product
  • Choose whether to add a save or enquiry button
  • Can also be added to social media pages

  • Give your staff a log on so they can create virtual samples for your clients
  • Create in 2D or 3D
  • No need for specialist artwork skills anyone can create a sample
  • Search 1000s of products or browse by category
  • Add images from multiple sources or saved logo galleries for each client
  • Save your sample with a Name and Useful Notes
  • Saved images can be Dynamic Links / Static / Animated or sent a PDF Ideas Sheet

  • All saved samples are stored in your Sample Manager
  • Search by Name, Product or Category
  • Create Print Sheets to Showcase Multiple Samples on a single presentation
  • Include QR codes so Samples can be transfered to smartphones
  • Use Samples to create products for resale on your website
  • Add an order directly to your workflow from a sample
  • Send a proof approval link directly from a sample
  • Add an enquiry for any sample created to enquiry manager
  • Download or create all image assets again if needed

  • Pick up all your enquiries in one place
  • Enquiries can either be generated at the same time as a sample or just from an enquiry form
  • Mark them as completed as your respond to them
  • View related samples if enquiry included a sample
  • Turn enquiries directly into quotations for single or multiple products

  • Send out electronic proof approval links from samples created or proof manager interface
  • Proof links can be emailed from the screen
  • Stored database of customers and auto searches for them as you type
  • All proofs sent can be viewed and filtered in proof manager by not approved / approved / rejected
  • Search proofs by customer or product name
  • Customers can approve or reject emailed proof links
  • If rejected proofs can be modified and resent
  • Once approved orders go directly into your workflow

  • PDF Ideas or Sample Sheets are generated from Sample Manager
  • You can either print a sheet for a single sample or combine samples to create an ideas sheet
  • Quotation Sheets are created from Enquiry Manager
  • Sample sheets come in both portrait and landscape – they also feature a single image or up to 6 product images for products like grament
  • All sheets can carry your company branding
  • Click to view an example ideas sheet

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SAMPLE-iT is a lot more than just a simple virtual sample tool click the green button for an overview of the other applications it can be used for
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SAMPLE-iT Product Examples

Saves to Sample ManagerSee Example
Saves in Sample Manager & Logs in Enquiry ManagerSee Example
Create Proof for Electronic Sign OffSee Example
Capture User Details & Save in Enquiry ManagerSee Example
Add Logo to Create Personalised CatalogueSee Example

SAMPLE-iT Packages

Sample Manager

$149per month
  • Visualiser
  • Sample Manager
  • PDF Print Sheets
  • Embed on Website
  • Enquiry Manager
  • Usage Statistics & Reports
  • Add Own Products

Sample & Proof Manager

$225per month
  • Visualiser
  • Sample Manager
  • PDF Print Sheets
  • Embed on Website
  • Enquiry Manager
  • Usage Statistics & Reports
  • Add Own Products
  • Proof Manager
  • Download Print Ready Artwork from 0.50c per job


Example Websites Using SAMPLE-iT

SAMPLE-iT Enabled Suppliers


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