Gateway OMS is integrated with many different retailers & marketplaces who want to sell personalized, customized or on demand products. Some retailers may use our Personalization Apps, others may have their own technology or they may just collect text or sell print on demand products. All of these options are supported by our retailer integrations so that suppliers can handle orders for personalized products from retailers without creating extra admin or processes.

Retailers APIs

Gateway OMS includes auto import from leading personalised product retailers & marketplaces

Here are some examples of retailers & marketplaces supported by OMS

Detailed below are some of the plugins that have already been developed to work with our PERSONALIZE-iT Apps. If there is no current plugin available then our Developers API can be used to integrate your eCommerce Website

More Marketplace Details

Retailer CSVs

Gateway OMS includes direct iexport to many leading customisable product suppliers

Detailed below is an overview of the main suppliers already integrated with OMS

Add Personalized products to leading social media pages

Full Vendor Network Details


Our Order Management System Integrates Directly with Leading Carrier Systems & Shipping Portals

Detailed below are the main carriers we currently integrate directly with

We currently work with leading carriers and shipping integrators see details below

Key Benefits of Retailer Integrations

Retailer Integrations Available

Marketplaces Supported

Other Order Import Options

Generic CSV Importer

Auto EMail Importer



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