PERSONALIZE-iT Product PersonaliZation Apps integrate with most eCommerce Platforms

Integration either by extension, plugin or developers API

Detailed below are some of the plugins that have already been developed to work with our PERSONALIZE-iT Apps. If there is no current plugin available then our Developers API can be used to integrate your eCommerce Website.

Social Media

PERSONALIZE-iT Product PersonaliZation Apps integrates with Social Media Pages

Selling & Sharing Options for Leading Social Media Platforms

Our apps enable you to add the option to sell personaliZed products to many leading social media applications & pages

See Some Examples

Developers API

Our RESTful JSON API enables easy integration for almost any website with our personalization apps


Our API is tried and tested on 1000s of websites and also forms the basis for all our own extensions. Only suitable for use by developers with experience of working with APIs

Technical Documentation

Kiosk Integration

PERSONALIZE-iT Apps can be used on any instore kiosk or tablet that supports a modern web browser


Apps can be for a single product or a range of products and can either print till receipts, integrate with payment systems or send confirmation emails to the customer when they order

More Details on Kiosks

The following eCommerce platforms currently have integrations in place with our product personalisation apps

The integration means the following functions are covered

  1. Display the product personalisation app as either a pop up or embedded in the page
  2. Pass product details to the shopping cart once created
  3. Confirm to the order management system once the order has been paid for
  4. Updates website status once order has been despatched

The following social media application are available to enable you to sell customizable products via social media

  • Facebook App
  • Pinterest Add to Cart Link
  • Twitter Link

There are many different types of instore kiosk so we have made our personalization apps flexible so they work with any that support a modern web browser. We also offer our own table based PERSONALIZE-iT Kiosks 

  • Add POS Link direct to existing kiosk
  • Link to receipt printer to create barcode receipt
  • Link to our print manager to confirm payment for dropship fulfilment ia API
  • Use Order Manager Lite for instore fulfilment

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Developers API

Our RESTful JSON API allows developers to integrate almost any application with both our Custom Product Platform (CPP) and Order Management System (OMS)

  • Tried & tested with 1000’s of successful integrations
  • Enables you to add our PERSONALIZE-iT Product Personalization Apps to any website – not just the ones detailed above
  • Enables you to pass orders into our Order Management System from other websites or systems
  • Enables you to add orders to your own production systems or hot folders from our Order Manager
  • Enables you to link to any image gallery you want


View API Documentation
Add PERSONALIZATION App to Website 100
Add Customizable Product to Shopping Basket 100
Send Order to Third Party System 60
Add Order to Order Manager 75
External Galleries 55



Retailers & Marketplaces

Gateway OMS includes auto import from leading personalised product retailers & marketplaces

Here are some examples of retailers & marketplaces supported by OMS

Detailed below are some of the plugins that have already been developed to work with our PERSONALIZE-iT Apps. If there is no current plugin available then our Developers API can be used to integrate your eCommerce Website

More Marketplace Details

Dropship Suppliers

Gateway OMS includes direct iexport to many leading customizable product suppliers

Detailed below is an overview of the main suppliers already integrated with OMS

Add Personalized products to leading social media pages

Full Supplier Network Details


Our Order Management System Integrates Directly with Leading Carrier Systems & Shipping Portals

Detailed below are the main carriers we currently integrate directly with

We currently work with leading carriers and shipping integrators see details below

Printer & Workflow Software

Our Order Management System integrates with specialist printer software & workflow systems

Leading Printer & Workflow Software Integratrions

Our OMS integrates with the specialist software used by leading printer manufactures and specialist workflow systems to ensure your artwork is passed directly to the machines on the shopfloor


OMS creates and generates invoices for auto email then sends them directly into your accounting package

OMS enables the generation of both manual and auto invoices. This integration provides seamless connection with accounting systems

Eliminat the need for manual re-keying by posting direct to the nominal ledger in your accounting packagae

  • Access Accounts
  • Sage Accounts
  • Xero Accounting

Developers API

Comprehensive API for automating importing & exporting orders to and from Gateway OMS

Our JSON RESTFul API is fully documented and enables both import and export of all types of orders

This means you can add orders from any website or marketplace to manage your orders in one place and if required orders can be exported to various different production systems for fulfilment. Experience of using APIs is essential for implememting this feature

Full API Documentation


Shipping & Carrier Integrations

OMS is integrated with many different carriers and not just the list you see below. By using services like Parcelright & Ship Station we connects with many more than just the list below. New carrier integrations can be added as bespoke development or via our API

Printer Software & Workflow System Integration

OMS is integrated with many different printers and providers of specialist software for product customization from RIP to Embroidery. The details below showcase just some of the printers where we can send jobs straight to the printer / decorator direct from the website. Please visit our Printers & Machine Partners page for more details

Development Partners

We have developed our own Magento Extension that is used in all our Gateway Sites but we also work with leading Magento developers around the world to help deliver bespoke projects for companies selling customizable products

  1. Evolve Branding
  2. eComnova
  3. Affinity
  4. VSours

Our Shopify development partners Inspira Digital have developed their own plugin for enabling Shopify customers to easily add Customisable products to their websites

Our developers API could also be used to create your own Shopify plug in

Our WooCommerce development partners Jigowatt have developed their own plugin for enabling WooCommerce customers to easily add Customizable products to their websites

Our developers API could also be used to create your own WooCommerce plug in

We aim to be the best suppliers of technology for online personalization and on demand fulfilment in the world so understand we cannot be the best at everything else web related as well so are always keen to build relationships with other development partners that will help us deliver the complete solution to our clients. For a full list of current development partners please see our Web Development Partners page or please Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a partners
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