Using our Developers API you can add our PERSONALIZE-iT Customizers and Product Builders to any eCommerce Website. However you will need advanced developer skills to do this so working with leading eCommerce platform experts we have developed a range of extensions and plugins to make it easier to integrate our software with the most popular eCommerce website systems.

Available to download for free in the Magento Connect Store. We also have a range of additional extensions for use with Magento and Personalized Products available free to subscribersGet Extension
Developed by WooCommerce experts Jigowatt you can either purchase this plugin for self install or take advantage of their extensive WordPress skills and get them to install on your self hosted website.Get Plugin
As there are so many different themes for Shopify sites it is difficult to offer a plug & play extension but our partners Inspira can offer a very quick & easy set up with their hosted Shopify plugin for around £500. More Details
Developed by a leading Big Commerce Solution Partner we now have available a hosted Big Commerce Extension that will add PERSONALIZE-iT to your site. Set up service available.Get Extension
Add our free Facebook App to your Facebook page. When combined with a POS smartlink this turns your Facebook into a targeted online storeGet App from Facebook
Use our smartlink builder with unbranded POS link & paypal to add pins to Pinterest that can be used to sell customized & personalized products directly from Pinterest.Find Out How
Built by experienced CS Cart professionals this module can be added to your CS Cart site to enable the preview and sale of personalized products on most CS Cart templates.More Info
Use Zapier to easily add the ability to take orders for Print On Demand products from over 20 different ecommmerce platforms and auto add them to Gateway OMSGet Zap


Developed by Prestashop experts this extension can be purchased for a one off cost and added to your Prestashop website.


Developed by Shopware experts this extension can be purchased for a one off cost and added to your Shopware website.


Uses Visualsoft API to auto download text personalised and print on demand product orders into Gateway OMS

Print On Demand Integrations Enabled by Zapier

We are always happy to work with your existing web development team but if you are looking for experienced developers who understand our API and software then please take a look at our Website Development Partners page

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