1. Log on to Gateway CPP

2. Select a 3D or Upload an Image

3. Add your Print Areas

4. Do a Print Test & Decide Machine

5. Publish Link

Creating Customizable Products

Tutorials & Resources

Customizable products are completely blank products that enable an end user to upload their own images and text in any customizable area. Once created they can also be used for retailers to create personalized and print on demand products featuring their own designs

Customizable products are made up of print areas / colour areas and each print area can then have its own image or text areas if required.  The products can be 2D or 3D

Creating Personalized Products

Tutorials & Resources

Personalised products are when a design is uploaded to an existing customisable product so that an end user can personalise certain elements of that design

Personalised products are made up of a design that you can then specify different image or text areas within the design that can be personalised.  The products can be 2D or 3D and you can set features like fonts, colours, image types etc for each of the personalised areas

Creating Print on Demand Products

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Print on demand products are fixed design products that are set up for on demand fulfilment. Fixed designs can be uploaded to any customizable product and the Gateway CPP pre-creates the artwork so that when the product is sold the print job is passed to the order manager just like any other customizable product. The products can be 2D or 3D

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